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OEM? Or perhaps a buyer working for a Tier 1 or a Tier 2 supplier with a focus on commercial, off-highway or passenger vehicles?

With access to hundreds of suppliers from Parker Lord to Valeo, EVTech365 will enable you to procure for your next project, connect with new companies, enhance your knowledge and unearth new opportunities, 365 days a year.

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Are you a vehicle electrification supplier, focussing on commercial, off-highway or passenger vehicles? Showcase your products and services to a global audience with EVTech365.

A brand-new platform for the industry, EVTech365 will enable you to put your company front and centre with the buyers and procurement teams in the industry, whilst also enabling you to share your expertise with the community.

EVTech365 is the one-stop-platform for forward-thinking brands in the vehicle electrification supply chain to see and be seen.

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