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EVTech365 is a brand-new procurement platform for the commercial, off-highway and passenger vehicle electrification community.

With forecasts suggesting the Electric Vehicle industry more than quadrupling by 2030 and a multitude of new products and innovations being launched annually, we understand that sourcing products and services can be a real challenge for procurement teams.

That’s why, with the help of our Advisory Board, we’ve created EVTech365. An interactive hub for EV technology professionals; providing an online space to discover the latest products, connect with businesses and procure for projects.

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From powertrains to motors, lithium-ion batteries, cabling, power electronics to raw materials, browse the wide array of components and systems in our industry-wide directory.

With an Advisory Board including representation from the likes of Parker Lord, Marelli and UTAC, EVTech365 will give you access to the world’s leading suppliers.

So, whether seeking a long-term partner for your procurement needs or focusing on a specific project, you can reach out to those crucial suppliers through the community platform.

Register your interest today to be a part of the EVTech365 community, providing you with everything you want. In one place.

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Increase your exposure within the vehicle electrification community

If you are a Vehicle Electrification supplier targeting manufacturers producing electric commercial, off-highway or passenger vehicles, then EVTech365 is the platform for you!

EVTech365 places your company in front of qualified OEM, Tier 1 or Tier 2 industry buyers and procurement teams, allowing you to share your expertise with the community.

Join EVTech365 today and receive free membership on the platform for the rest of 2022!

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Exclusive: Vehicle Electrification EcoSystem™

The Vehicle Electrification EcoSystem™ is a powerful infographic displaying the key players in each of the core product sectors (see right for snapshot).

The vehicle electrification sector is moving fast. New suppliers are entering the market, and mergers and acquisitions are becoming more frequent.

Whether you represent an OEM and want to better understand the supplier universe, or a tier supplier wanting to keep your company’s brand front and centre, download the Vehicle Electrification EcoSystem ™ today or request to be included on the next regular update free of charge.

Vehicle Electrification Ecosystem - A graphic showing battery assembly manufacturers
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